This specialist area of vacuum brazing is designed for joining and annealing Mu-Metal

This process is used in the production of Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) componentry and chambers where magnetic fields must be kept to a minimum, MSL Heat Treatment is recognised as one of the worlds leading specialists in the vacuum brazing of Mu-Metal chambers and components. The vacuum process developed for mu-metal processing guarantees the retention of high magnetic permeability post braze.



  • Vacuum processing provides four solutions to mu-metal manufacturing:
  • Vacuum brazing of welded seams ensure they are leak tight.
  • Vacuum annealing restores the magnetic permeability of the material which can be reduced after initial machining.
  • Vacuum process is a high enough temperature to remove weld oxidisation and leaves the mu-metal with a bright clean finish.
  • Magentic permeability remains high, post braze.

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