Precipitation hardening (or Age Hardening) is a heat treatment that results in an overall increase in strength of the material under treatment.

Solution treatment is the initial process whereby heating to a certain temperature causes one or more of the alloying constituents to form a solid solution within the metal. This is followed by a rapid cool to maintain this structure. Subsequent precipitation hardening can then artificially age the metal to achieve the desired physical properties.


Precipitation hardening is especially relevant to the treatment of Beryllium copper, where this form of hardening retains the metal memory and spring characteristics of the material, without the the risk of introducing surface contamination to the product.

Many materials can undergo these treatments - most alloys of aluminium, magnesium, titanium, as well as some specialist stainless steels. We particularly have experience with Maraging Steels, Beryllium Copper and the Stainless Steel alloy 17-4PH.

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