MSL Heat Treatment Services

Specialist vacuum brazing and heat treatment, for high technology and research industries. Our processes reduce oxidisation, contamination and distortion, ensuring consistency, quality and precision.

Our specialised equipment and vacuum furnaces can process steel, copper and Mumetal components and assemblies ranging from a few millimetres to over a metre across.

Vacuum Brazing

A clean, efficient and precise way of joining two base materials together using a suitable filler material. Vacuum brazed joints exhibit high strength and the low oyxgen environment means the processed product is free of oxides and contaminants.


MuMetal Brazing

This specialist area of vacuum brazing is designed for joining and annealing Mu-Metal used in the production of Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) componentry and chambers where magnetic fields must be kept to a minimum.


Vacuum Hardening

Hardening and tempering of steel is a process designed to alter the mechanical properties of a part to fit its intended use. This has a wide range of applications including tool and mould making. 


Vacuum Stress Relieving

A low temperature process designed to leave the structure of the material unchanged, but remove work induced stress that could cause dimensional instability during subsequent processing.


Solution Treatment & Precipitation Hardening

A heat treatment technique used to increase the yield strength of malleable materials. The process is based upon changes in solid solubility with temperature, producing fine particles of an impurity phase, which impede the formation of crystal defects within the metal lattice structure. 


Vacuum Annealing

A heat treatment process that alters the physical properties of a material to reduce hardness and improve ductility, producing a more workable part. Our vacuum process offers the same benefits as standard annealing, but with the advantage of a clean, contaminant free finish.


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